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About Advancing Eco Agriculture

Profitable Regenerative Agriculture is Possible!

Grow crops with higher yields and quality

AEA has been making farmers more money with regenerative agriculture since 2006, when John Kempf, a young Amish man, with a unique agronomic understanding formed an agricultural consulting firm called Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA). In 2009, after John was frustrated by the lack of highly effective liquid fertilizers on the market, AEA started developing and testing liquid mineral product formulations.

Since 2006, AEA has proven that the concepts of Regenerative Agriculture are not only practical and effective, but also one of the most important keys to a highly profitable farming operation. During that time, AEA has been able to translate its early success with smaller produce growers in the Mid Atlantic and Midwestern states to large commercial operations in California, the Pacific Northwest and Southeastern US. Today, AEA works with hundreds of commercial farmers throughout North and South America to provide complete and natural crop nutrition programs that foster rapid and efficient mineral uptake and a functional immune system in plants, which leads to high yielding, high quality crops that are naturally resistant to disease and insects.

AEA Products and Programs Maximize Economic Returns By:

  • Increasing marketable yield per acre
  • Improving the key quality metrics of fruit size, firmness, and flavor
  • Reduces harvest labor requirements by increasing fruit consistency and uniformity
  • Providing nutritional solutions to difficult insect and disease problems

Replacement Solutions to Chemical Inputs

Advancing Eco Agriculture’s core competencies are knowledge and experience of how to grow plants that are truly healthy enough to resist insects and diseases, and formulating products that are unique in their design and effectiveness.

We specialize in identifying and solving the key limiting factors of a farming operation that are holding back its agronomic and economic development by either causing lost production or unrealized revenue potential.

New/Emerging Technologies

AEA is ushering in the agriculture of the future, where plant pathology, entomology, plant physiology, and agronomy are all considered part of a nutrition based system. The complex challenges of growing crops in a vibrant healthy soil cannot be simplified to a level of isolated, distinct variables and cannot be solved by a reductionist approach of applying bandaids to symptoms.

To correct the underlying cause of the problems, AEA utilizes groundbreaking plant sap testing technology to define and pinpoint nutrient imbalances, and implements these custom tailored programs with cutting edge materials designed to increase mineral availability to plants.

Research and Development

Our research and development team is continually developing and testing new product formulations, evaluating the efficacy and validity of new concepts, and addressing new challenges growers face in today’s agriculture. Work with our dynamic, constantly innovating team and stay at the leading edge of nutritional diagnostic technology and solutions!

Jason Hobson

CEO of Advancing Eco Agriculture






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