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About SCD Probiotics

SCD Probiotics' mission is to be the premier developer and global provider of beneficial microbial technology.  Used on 6 continents for over 10 years, SCD Probiotics improve the quality of life for animals and crops through innovations using the mastery of microbes.  As a consciously green company, our company provides whole system agricultural solutions including, soil and feed microbial additives, and odor and waste management products. We also offers products for human and animal (livestock and pet) health, as well as environmental support and bioremediation.   

SCD Probiotics agricultural solutions include:

Agricultural inoculants

Compost accelerators

Lagoon odor neutralizers

Livestock probiotics / Direct fed microbial

Get a free sample of SCD Bio Ag, our OMRI-listed, microbial soil builder at booth #5204.

About SCD Bio Ag®

A plant’s life cycle is marked by constant change, a struggle to get the nutrients it needs at critical growth stages.  Microbes work harmoniously with plants – giving plants nutrients and gaining nutrients from plant waste.  If a plant’s health is suboptimal, the wastes may not contain what the microbes need to survive.  To keep the soil and the plant healthy, SCD Bio Ag should be used as part of fertilizer program to improve the efficiency of any fertilizers or chemicals being used.

SCD Bio Ag (a microbial diversity additive) introduces beneficial soil microorganisms to dominate harmful ones, thus improving the growing environment for crops, lawns and gardens. The microbes in SCD Bio Ag are designed to breakdown harmful toxins in the soil, and produce useful plant nutrients such as oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other important compounds. SCD Bio Ag increases the number of regenerating good bacteria improving the soil quality and growing environment for plants. Recent research data indicates that SCD Bio Ag has a positive correlation with soil biological activity, which plays a crucial role in the improvement of soil quality. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) reveals that when applied to the soil, SCD Bio Ag increases total fungi, protozoa, rhizobia, biomass, enzyme activity and root hair growth in hairy vetch.

Due to the improved growing environment for their crops, users have noticed increases in the quality, size and overall yield of their crops.

Use SCD Bio Ag® to:

• Improve overall yields

• Improve crop performance

• Improve soil quality

• Improve fruit quality

• Enhance biological nitrogen fixation

• Accelerate composting process

• Enrich the soil in residential lawns and gardens

• Nurture trees and flowers

SCD BioAg is OMRI listed as a microbial diversity additive.

SCD Bio Ag is BioPreferred  by the USDA. and search ‘SCD Probiotics’ to view a list of our biopreferred products.

SCD Bio Ag is WSDA registered material for use in organic agriculture

About SCD Bio Livestock®

SCD Probiotics® is excited to offer our feed and water additive for livestock and poultry. The all-natural, probiotic-based formula packs some serious punch with its powerful blend of beneficial microorganisms. In effect, SCD Bio Livestock transforms the underlying, imbalanced microbial ecology of the host, restoring it to one that is balanced and healthy. But the benefits don’t stop there. Upon usage, it may help reduce the disease-causing microorganisms, providing a healthier farm with animals that contribute to higher and better- quality yields.
Uses & Benefits:
• Feed and Water Additive for Livestock and Poultry
• Increases Livestock and Poultry Production
• May Reduce Need for Pharmaceutical Antibiotics
• Good Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) Results in Poultry**
• Alternative to Traditional Growth Promoters

About SCD Odor AwayTM

SCD Odor AwayTM is a powerful, probiotics-based solution that stops odor in its tracks. The powerful microbes in our proprietary formula are tough enough to fight against the most potent odors. The reason it's so effective? The principles of consortia technology, which allow various microorganisms strains to co-exist, creating a stronger, more resilient formula, are what allow us to deliver such a powerful solution. We do the hard work, so foul odors don't keep you from doing what you do best: Living life, odor free.

Your Defense for the Most Combative Odors Found At:

• Livestock Operations
• Poultry Pens
• Wastewater-treatment Plants
• Composting Operations (large-scale or residential)

For more details visit or call 1-913-541-9299. 

Case studies using SCD Probiotics:

Effects of SCD Bio Ag® on soil microbial activity, biomass and enzymatic activity in field study.

SCD Bio Ag® used to accelerate composting time in Colombia

Tomato trial in Amasya, Turkey

Commercial composting with SCD Odor Away™ by Missouri Organic, USA

SCD Odor Away™ applied to reduce odor or a dairy manure lagoon in Wisconsin, USA


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